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Readings for Mass and Divine Office

There is a wonderful liturgical resource on the web called "Universalis", a huge database created and maintained by Martin Kochanski, which makes available in electronic format a wide variety of liturgical texts, including:

  • Readings for Sunday and Weekday Masses
  • The whole of the Breviary
  • Notes on Saints and Feastdays

As Martin himself writes: "As we embark on the third millennium, it becomes more important than ever that we should obey the Lord's command and pray without ceasing, to sanctify time, the world, and ourselves. The Universalis Web site has been created, to give us all, wherever we are, at all times, the chance to participate in the Church's universal prayer. One click - one bookmark - and we can pause for a moment in our busy lives and contemplate what really matters. This site uses the version of the Liturgy of the Hours given in the Roman Breviary - but the Divine Office is for all Christians and not just Catholics. Christians of many other denominations, including Anglicans, Methodists, and Baptists, are using this site on a regular basis."

The website works in two ways: you can freely access all the data on the site at any time, but without subscription you can only view content for a week in advance. for a £19.99 fee, you can download the whole Universalis program, which give you access to any readings or data, for any day.

Everything can be found at