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March Saints

1 March

Saint David: Born in Cardigan around 520, he founded monasteries, known for their austerity of life, until being made a bishop and primate of Wales; he settled his See at Mynyw (Menevia), and died there in about 588.


4 March

Saint Casimir: the Son of the King of Poland, Casimir was born in 1458, and became known for his practise of the Christian virtues - especially chastity and love of the poor. He died aged of 26 of a lung disease; he is especially remembered for his love of the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary.


7 March

Saints Perpetua and Felicity: these two martyrs died in Carthage in 203, in the persecution under Septimus Severus; the account of their lives and martyrdom, partly written by the saints themselves and by eyewitnesses, survives.


8 March

Saint John of God: another saint, like Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who gave up a promising military career to serve God and the poor; Portuguese, John founded a hospital in Seville, where he was outstanding in his love for the sick and needy. He died in 1550.


9 March

Saint Frances of Rome: Frances was born in Rome in 1384, was married and had three children. She was known for her exemplary love of the sick, ministering to the victims of the frequent epidemics among the poor. She founded a Congregation in 1425 to continue this work and died in 1440.


17 March

Saint Patrick: Born in around 385; as a youth he was taken captive to Ireland as a slave and worked as a herdsman. After making his escape he wished to become a priest and after being made Bishop for Ireland he was untiring in preaching the Gospel and he converted many to the faith. It is believed he died in 461, and was buried at Downpatrick.


18 March

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: became bishop of Jerusalem in 348. He is famed for  the catechetical instructions he gave to candidates for baptism. He was vigorous in the defence of the faith during the Arian heresy, being exiled three times. He organised the liturgy of the city of Jerusalem, especially in the observation of Holy Week.


23 March

Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo: born in 1538, Turibius trained as a lawyer, and became Professor at the University of Salamanca; in 1580 he was chosen to be Archbishop of Lima in Peru. Despite his initial resistance, he went on to be an excellent choice, controlling the abuses of the clergy and using his authority to protect the poor from oppression. He made special efforts to learn the native Indian dialects, so that as he visited his Diocese he could talk directly with his people. He died in 1606.