of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford

"A liturgy detached from spiritual worship would risk becoming empty, devoid of Christian originality, sacred in a generic sense, quasi magical, and a hollow aestheticism. As an action of Christ, liturgy has an inner impulse to be transformed in the sentiments of Christ, and in this dynamism all reality is transfigured. “Our daily life — in our body, in small things — must be profusely inspired, immersed in the divine reality, it must become action together with God."

Pope Francis

Day of Special Prayer for the Synod


Sunday 28th September is to be set aside as a Day of Prayer for the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, scheduled to take place from 5th to 29th October to treat the topic: The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelisation.  Churches, parish communities, institutes of consecrated life, associations and movements are invited to pray for this intention during Mass and at other liturgical celebrations, in the days leading to the synod and during the synod itself. The suggested prayers include the Prayer to the Holy Family for the Synod, composed by Pope Francis, and intentions for the Prayers of the Faithful which can be adapted at Sunday Mass on 28th September and during the synod. These intentions can also be included in the petitions at Lauds and Vespers. The recitation of the Holy Rosary is also recommended for the duration of the synodal assembly.


Resources for the Day of Prayer